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The most popular use of hot air balloons is obviously for commercial leisure flights where members of the public book flights and go up in the balloon for a ride.

Ballooning proves to be very popular with people of all ages as it such an enjoyable, different experience. Commercial flights can vary with the amount of passengers travelling, from smaller flights with 3-4 people, up to large flights with 15-20 or so passengers.

The Hot Air Balloon About To Takeoff

You can get a full run down of what a hot air balloon flight will be like, from our typical flight section. Most flight operators will run from places outside of built up areas to ensure that the scenery will be enjoyable for the passengers.

This is not necessarily set in stone though, as some hot air balloon flights will specifically be launched from cities or large towns so that the passengers will be able to survey the area from above. These city trips have sometimes been used by Geography students wanting to look at land structures and city layout from a birds eye view. This can help them see how a town has been built up over time and where the core areas of growth and development lie.

Balloons Over The Thames

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