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A lot of companies use hot air balloons as a means of advertising or promoting their product. This is is a great form of advertising as when a person sees a hot air balloon from the ground, they always tend to look up as it is something you would not normally see everyday. If when the person looks up and sees either an advert on the side of the envelope or the actual envelope in the shape of the product, then they are likely to remember the product as it is being displayed so large in front of them.

Balloons that have envelopes like this are sometimes referred to as 'Special Shape' balloons. Follow this link for a site dedicated to special shapes, with plenty of pictures to view.

On the picture below you will clearly see how an actual balloon company advertise their flights by having their name incorporated into the envelope:

Hot Air Balloon Advertising

One of the most famous and important balloons in ballooning history is the Bud Light Spirit Of Freedom, flown by Steve Fossett on the first solo circumnavigation of the globe. This was obviously a great source of promotion for Bud Light as they were the official sponsor of the balloon, meaning their name was mentioned everytime the balloon was talked about. See the story here.

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